Dear eXpressions by Rafael Abrahams
An eXigent letter.

Butterflies by Aranya Jain
A young lepidopterist.

Facebook Frenzy by Bennett Alvaro
Facebook criticism.

Walking Fast by Mary Gilstad
Of brisk paces through these places.

De Sabbatina by Joel Newberger
Kickin’ it old shul.

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? by Isabel Henderson
A Thanksgiving ritual.

Hellas Historic by Eliot Linton

No Shave November by Tom Markham
A month spent mustachio’d.

Read Receipt Manifesto by Liz Lian
Of read receipts and other virtues.

The Companionship of Charlie Brown by Rebecca Zhang
Charlie Brown, you linger still.

Snapping Chats by Elise Rise
Ephemeral genitalia.

Playdates and Porn by Lily Offit
A child’s recollection of adult videos.

A Beef with Buzzfeed by Robin Glover
Bad content, poorly filtered.

An Orientalist Fantasy by Emily Lever
Argo, reviewed and reduced.

Second Death by Rachel Wilson
Witnessing suicides.

Confessions by Ted Garmizo


Diving by Uchechi Kalu

An Interception by Giri Nathan

Annabelle, By the Pool by Jared Garland